from Jane Siberry



Acrylic on paper by Jane Siberry. 22"x30", unframed.
Add $200 for framing

"i have a friend who was incarcerated for 25 years. he has been kind enough to let me pester him with questions. i had to ask at very particular times not wanting pull him backwards from his new start. but there were times he could teach me from it.
how did he deal with macho energy? keeping dignity? helping people who were obviously too soft and going to be a mark? boredom? thinking it would never end? skills for later or not able to 'plan ahead'? how does female energy feel after none for 25 years? (i remember being on tour with just guys and couldn't figure out what was weird one night in a restaurant - it was a woman at the table behind, our backs were together. VERY different feeling). what is his body doing as he opens up again? feeling shopping malls? music concerts? is his body cleansing as he opens up? what differences is he noticing culturally from before he was incarcerated? ETC - poor guy!
we sent positive quotes to each other - he is wise and helps me with what he has learned in dealing with such difficulty.
'Why do you stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?'
in this painting part of him DOES know something is up - he ear is bending back hearing the different acoustics created by an open door."

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